Can You Chop Plexiglass With A Glass Cutter?

Continue until you’ve scored a deep line in the plexiglass , then turn the slab over and repeat the process. Finally, place the plexiglass over the sting of your work surface so that the grooves you’ve minimize are parallel to that edge. Hold the facet of the material on the work surface firmly against it and then deliver sharp downward pressure onto the side positioned over the sting.

Ensure that the strain is regular in order that the jigsaw doesn’t bounce off the sheet and trigger some injury or damage to you.Otherwise, the floor of the Plexiglass can scratch easily.Given plexiglass’ sturdiness, it will only make sense that you’d require specialised equipment to find a way to cut it.We recommend this slicing technique for thicker sheets of plexiglass in a straight line however not thicker than round 3/16″.As for cutting holes, I do not know why a hole saw would not work for lexan.

Therein lies the finesse of cutting plexiglass, especially curved cuts with a jigsaw. Too quick and you may fracture the glass, too gradual and the blade might jam and break. In this case, proper within the center between quick and slow is perfect. You can also begin cutting in the course of a chunk of materialwithout coming in from the sting. This is completed by drilling a hole in the plexiglass, then inserting the jigsaw blade in the gap.

Can You Narrow Plexiglass With A Glass Cutter?

You’d suppose that manufacturers would sell an entire assortment of instruments specifically for cutting plexiglass. After researching a bit, I even have found that there are few jigsaw blades available particularly for chopping plexiglass. However, the closest shop that sells such a blade is in England! Luckily many folks have good experience with fine toothed sheet metallic jigsaw blades. Circular saws are extremely popular among both professionals and these who like to do initiatives at residence. These instruments rapidly transfer via probably the most rigid surfaces.

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My minimize actually fused itself behind the blade as I progressed. I never was capable of get the «manufacturing facility» edge again using sandpaper. To minimize plexiglass with even a nice toothed saber saw blade you want to maintain a constant stream of chilly water on the blade. Need to brace the plexiglass down with clamps, however, trigger this manuever requires each hands. I wanted to cut some acrylic panels to be used in a suspended ceiling. After attempting scoring, sawing and several of the above suggested methods I tried a chisel-pointed soldering iron.

Best Desk Noticed Blade: Top Shopper

If you wish to cut acrylic movie, a scoring knife shall be a good software. Read more about how to cut plexiglass with a dremel here. As already said, reduce about half the method in which through alongside a straight edge and bend slowly. Don’t attempt to do two cuts directly, do one cut, then minimize that in half or so.

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