Dragon Ball Shocking Facts

Dragon Ball Shocking Facts

As a legendary anime that is quite classic, its fans already know a lot of trivia about Dragon Ball. Call it the ages of Piccolo and Gohan, who are only four years apart. or Launch’s characteristics whose existence the author has forgotten. However, it turns out that there are still lots of interesting facts that you may not have heard of before! Reported from various sources, here are interesting facts from Dragon Ball, please visit saiyanyourself!

1. Goku’s voice actor is a grandmother

Goku is described as a male character with superhuman strength. But did you know that Goku’s sura is filled by an 80 year old grandmother? Her name is Masako Nozawa. He has voiced Goku in almost all of this anime series, from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, to Dragon Ball GT. Not only Goku, Masako also voiced Goku’s father, Bardock, and also Goku’s two children, Gohan and Goten. For the international version, Sean Schemmel voiced Goku. In one of the scenes when Goku is about to transform into Super Saiyan 4, Sean has to scream so loud that he faints!

2. Dragon Ball Character Name Inspiration

The names of the Dragon Ball characters are taken from many different ideas. For example, many Saiyans are inspired by vegetable names. Goku’s real name, Kakarot, was inspired by carrot, in other words, carrots. Vegeta is inspired to come from vegetable which means vegetables and Raditz comes from radish which means radish. For fighters from Earth, taken from the name of the food. Examples are Gohan (rice), Yamcha (dimsum), Tien Shinhan (fried rice), to Krilin (chestnut). In addition, the mantras from the best Disney cartoon Cinderella are included as ideas from the characters Babidi, Bibidi, and Buu.

3. Goku has only won once in the World Martial Arts Tournament

Basically, Dragon Ball anime is all about fighting. In total, Dragon Ball Z alone has 187 fights. At the beginning of the series, one of the main stories of this anime was the World Martial Arts Tournament which brought together many skilled fighters from all over the world. Goku himself has participated in this tournament six times. Interestingly, he only managed to win one of them, to be precise the 23rd championship after defeating Picollo. So, around the battle arena of this tournament, there are lots of things that are Indonesian, you know!

4. Goku and Vegeta Have Phobias

As a Saiyan, understanding Goku and Vegeta is one of the strongest anime characters of all time, especially when compared to characters from other anime. Even so, that doesn’t mean they don’t have worries or phobias, friends! They both have it, you know! Goku is known to have an anxiety with needles. When Goku had to be hospitalized, he screamed loudly when he saw the syringe! Oh yeah, Goku is also worried like his wife! On the other hand, Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyan nation, is actually worried about a weak creature called a worm! This was seen when he and Goku entered Buu’s body.

5. The Longest Anime Battle

If you ask who is Goku’s eternal enemy, chances are Jaka will answer Frieza. Even in the Dragon Ball Super series, Freeza is revived to help their universe save from destruction. In their fight in the Dragon Ball Z series, it took them four hours to finish! This is a record as the longest anime fight of all time. You will see the battle between the two which is full of screams and bursts of energy. You need to know, Frieza is one of the enemies in Dragon Ball who often dies. At least, he had died five times.

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