Heaven for Noodle Lovers

Keepitgrandmn, Heaven for Noodle Lovers

If you like to eat noodles, there is a new restaurant called Keepitgrandmn which offers a variety of noodle menus that have a unique taste.

This restaurant, which has just opened in Senayan City, Jakarta, last mid-September, gives flexibility to visitors to choose and mix various types of noodles, soups, and toppings according to taste, you know.

Not only the unique variety of noodle menus, https://keepitgrandmn.com/ also presents a quite warm atmosphere, with wooden games, which are combined with several iron materials. The dim light amidst the bright colors chosen by this restaurant, causes diners to feel at home eating the delicious dishes in front of them.

The presence of a mural with a picture of noodles in one corner of the restaurant, also seems to cause guests to be more impulsive when preparing their homemade noodles, choosing one of the eight types of noodles, nine types of soup, and 30 types of toppings presented by Keepitgrandmn.

So, for those of you who want to taste the taste and texture of different noodles, Keepitgrandmn serves unique noodles that you can choose from, more than one of which is Charcoal, black noodles made from charcoal, and there is also pink Koji Rice made from rice. unique Japanese.

In addition, noodle fans from several countries can also be spoiled by the arrival of Ramyun from Korea, Egg Noodles from Hong Kong, Udon and Dried Somen from Japan, to noodles from Indonesia that we usually encounter.

As for the types of soup, Asian flavors will always be emphasized, so from Miso, Tom Yam, Dashi Soyu, Szechuan Boiling, Beef Herb, Korean Hot, Japanese Curry to soups with the delicious taste of Indonesian-style Betawi soto.

Yes, the oxtail soup served by Clovia is the legendary oxtail soup of the Sabang Hotel. However, since September 2014, the hotel has subsequently changed its name to Hotel Mercure Sabang which is now managed by the Accor Group.

However, the image of the legendary oxtail soup is forever maintained. General Manager of Mercure Jakarta Sabang Gunawan Widodo said that Clovia was part of the Mercure Sabang Hotel, which was inspired by the old style of Jakarta’s old Kata buildings.

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