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Lightning coach: Old will quit quarter to Tort Taylor or the first battle in the season

Despite the rest period of the epidemic, it will inevitably hinder the growth of the new show, the Los Angeles Lynn, Anthony Lynn, believes that the first round show 4 points Justin Herbert can catch the progress.

However, when the season begins, cheap jerseys online Lin En may make the old Tyrod Taylor to start quadruping.

«He may be our first in the first game,» Lin En said in an interview on Wednesday.

Although this is not formally decided, it seems that Taylor first has always been a lightning plan.

Herbert, which was selected in this year, was expected to be a team’s four-point guard, but Taylor with rich debut experience will lead the team to start the new season.

Helbert has signed with lightning and is ready to appear, but lightning may still make him grow slowly. Before he can lead the team, Taylor wholesale nfl jerseys for sale will shoulder the first heavy responsibility.

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